User Friendly UI

Our UI service is designed with intuitive navigation in mind. Users can effortlessly browse through the application.

Social Media Sharing

Easy sharing options for readers to share articles on their social media profiles.

Search Functionality

A robust search feature that allows users to find specific articles or topics quickly.

Breaking News

Prominent display of top headlines and breaking news stories on the homepage.

Beautiful layouts of showcasing news

All news according to time, Bengali and English date along with current temperature according to location. Nice breaking news slider. Searching system to find desired news very easily

Beautiful layouts of showcasing news
Category wise news

Category wise news

Category wise all news can be seen together with published date. A great section of the most read, viral and trending news

Single news details section

To make the reader's news easier to read, there is only one news detail section with more details about who wrote the news with pictures. Sharing of favorite news on various social media platforms

Single news details section
News website related informations

News website related informations

Information about newspaper website, advertising policy, privacy policy, contact information, publisher list, links to use via mobile app. Section containing detailed information about newspapers

Frequently Asked Questions

We use the latest technologies and tools in order to create a better code that not only works great, but it is easy easy to work with too.

No, we are not encourage anyone for exect repost our news on other news content.

Our user friendly system has smooth navigation feature for read news properly.

Robust search feature that allows users to find specific articles or topics quickly.

Yes, we organized our news by for better readability and find any specific news and read them on easy way.

Yes, you can share our news varity of social sharing platform by just single click.